What makes you an awesome interviewer?

Three things:

1. I Connect

2. I Show Enthusiasm

3. I Emphasize my Back Story

-26 year old lawyer, Ernst & Young (Detroit)

You need to do your homework.  Come prepared.  Know the company, the position and most importantly, your story and how you like to tell it.  These things are prerequisites to success in any interview.  Where many miss the mark, however, is that they attempt to say the “right” things, come off salesy, and fail to make a connection.  Aim to CONNECT.  Put your best foot forward but bring your whole self to the interview. Be authentic.  Be excited.  They saw your resume and invited YOU to chat.  They already like you!  Now just be as awesome as you were on paper.  Take a breath. Be confident. Be a person. Have fun. Aim to connect. 


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