Get Ramped! Ruminations on Day 34


How can you learn to ramp more quickly in your new role?  Accelerate your career trajectory NOW by identifying the resources and skills you need to develop to ensure your success in a new role or position. 

Excerpt from an interview with B (age 25) on her 34th day of work in a new position.   

SHR: What have you identified as the most valuable resources or skills that have helped you to succeed in your new position? 

(1)Project management skills and (2) my ability to build relationships with people, regardless of their rank.  Soft skills have been more important in my role than I ever thought they would be.  (3) Also, my drive for results. My program partner does not have the same drive to help the business reach its goals.  I was in a meeting when the Instructional Designer mentioned “driving business results” and my colleague actually rolled her eyes.

-B is a Learning and Development Professional at one of Fortune Magazine’s top Best Companies, 2013.  

Notice that nowhere in her response did B mention a technical skill, i.e., one that can be learned or attained through coursework or a textbook.  The soft skills she speaks of – networking, relationship building, project management – come from welcoming new challenges and stepping outside of your comfort zone.  It is immensely difficult to teach these skills.  Rather, you need to lean into your vulnerability, welcoming novel experiences and new challenges.  This is how you stretch, learn and grow. 

As for B’s drive for business results…

It is even more daunting, if even possible, to teach someone to be passionate.  Finding your passion falls on you.  As you enter into your new role, find where you can add value to the organization by identifying business needs that align with your passions.  Find your element.  By identifying these opportunities to add value to the organization and ignite your passion, you can play to your strengths and help to establish short-term wins early on.  This helps to build both self-confidence as well as credibility around the work place. 


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