Accelerate Your Learning

Accelerate Your LearningYou have just entered into a new role and feel a need to add value NOW.  Before you put the cart ahead of the horse, stop doing and start listening.  This step will ensure that you move forward with an the information you need to make appropriate contributions. Figure out what you need to know about your new organization and then learn it as rapidly as you can.

Plan to learn.  This means figuring out in advance what the important questions are so that you can best answer them.

Identify your personal “learning disabilities”, i.e., the potentially crippling internal blocks to your own learning and development.  Be in touch with your strengths and weaknesses.  Be self aware.

Displaying a genuine ability to listen often translates into increased credibility and influence.

Learn to identify actionable insights: knowledge that enables you to make better decisions earlier.

Make a learning agenda to identify what you want to learn and a learning plan to establish how you intend to learn it.

-Paraphrased from The First 90 Days but Michael Watkins


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