2014 Global Human Capital Trends Report Available Now!

The Global Human Capital Trends 2014 report highlights 12 trends that embody ways that the 21st-century workforce is pushing organizations to innovate, transform, and reengineer their human capital practices. Follow the link to download the full report and explore survey data on current human capital trends. 


What is an HR “Business Partner”?

(Excerpt from HR: The Business Partner)

“A little of the history of business partnering

Dave Ulrich has long championed the role of the strategic Business Partner, linking it to a business imperative for a more pro-active approach from HR with less reliance on operational expertise.

Ulrich’s thinking (1997) was that HR needed to transform itself with a focus on adding value through four key roles, each of which needed to work as a “Business Partner” with a specific outcome or deliverable in focus.

Ulrich describes the four roles as follows:

  • Strategic Partners – with a focus on strategy execution and meeting customer needs through aligning HR priorities;
  • Administrative Experts – ensuring efficiency in the infrastructure; supporting the business and improving organisational efficiency by re-engineering the HR function and other work processes;
  • Employee Champion – paying attention to increasing employee commitment and capability through listening and responding to their needs; and
  • Change Agents – deliver operational transformation and culture change.”

Kenton, Barbara, and Jane Yarnall. HR: The business partner. Routledge, 2010.



Now that you have this mental model in front of you, ask yourself: am I partnering effectively? Is my organization? Does my passion or focus lean towards only 1 or 2 of the quadrants? Am I particularly weak in one area? Am I ignoring anything? Am I contributing maximum value to the organization? Am I doing my best work? What will it take to move from current to future focus?

I encourage you to print this framework and ask yourself these questions routinely. Whether it is one a day, week or even month, these are questions you should use as a pulse on your value-add.

Now, go get em, partner!

-The SHR